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Hello Everyone!


Comment here with the following if you would like to be friends! I am willing to try to be friends with most everyone. Below the cut is a breakdown of my attitudes/how my journal works. Please have a look and make sure to comment here!

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LJ Idol Prompt 2! In honor of Halloween I decided to try to make it a bit ~~creepy, but it's not usually my style. Yes, it's fiction, but the feelings are quite real I think :P

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LJ Idol prompt numero uno: When you pray, move your feet

Just my first entry for LJ idol. I hate posting anything I write publicly, so I'm trying really hard to get over that.

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I'm going to give LJ idol ([ profile] therealljidol) a shot this year. Hopefully I can get over my writer-shyness-thingy.

Anyone else going to be participating this year?

Hating life

Sep. 5th, 2011 08:38 pm
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So my day off was hellish. Also, my computer is busted. I spent 3 hours on the phone with Bertie trying to fix it and no such luck. I'll probably end up paying $450 for a new fucking hard drive. We will find out tomorrow.

So no flisting at the moment.

Add this to all my other stress and you have me physically and mentally sick. Bah

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 I've just completed a long overdue friends cut. If you can see this post, well, you're still here. I basically just cut people who were inactive or people I just never really clicked with.

If I cut you and you feel it was a mistake, please just let me know here. 


Jun. 10th, 2011 03:22 pm
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Are you a Harry Potter addict that needs more? Worried that you'll be left behind once the last movie comes out? Want that constant rush that you get from the world of Hogwarts? Come on over to [ profile] hogwartsishome to fulfill your magical life! First, fill out an application at [ profile] platform_934 to get sorted into your House. Then, Harry Potter away for the rest of your life to your heart's delight!

Make sure to mention me as a referral when you apply!
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Hi flist. I am so wasted. I've been out and just did 21 shots of spirits (mostly tequila) and 2 gin and tonics. Going to eat some noodles now and have some sex perhaps. Love you all!

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Being the obnoxious movie buff that I am...ya'll knew this was coming. And I just started this at 10:15...and I write as I'm watching...

The Oscar's According to Sam:

- My biggest pet peeve is always the writing of the damn show. And the delivery. You are celebrating the best writers of the year and yet your scripts for the presenters are so cringe-worthy. Way to go Oscar's. And presenters, most of you are incredibly famous and wealthy actors/actresses....could you please just read the teleprompter properly? Thanks.

- Miley should not be allowed to be present.

- Good hosts, though. Loving the "tribute to horror films"

- Kristen Stewart and Taylor Launter should not be here either! FUCK YOU, KSTEW. YOU'RE AN UGLY CUNT WHO CAN NOT ACT. BITCH.

-Up definitely deserved to win. I would even love to see it win Best Picture. It was the best animated movie since The Lion King.

- I'm glad Up in the Air isn't doing too hot. It was a decent film, but it just wasn't that good.

- I approve of The Hurt Locker winning something. I liked that film.

- Morgan Freeman is narrating the sound editing or whatever. FUCK YES. That made the night. He is also looking fucking fresh tonight. Love him.

- Robert Downey Jr. and Tine Fey were the best presenters so far. They were great together.

- Zac Efron. Oh, fuck. You're looking...grown up. I'd tap that.

- The less Avatar win, the happier I will be.

- Meryl Streep for best actress! ILU, MERYL. Although, Sandra's performance was really amazing so I wouldn't be too disappointed.

- Oh, Ben Stiller cracked me up. "The funny part is...Avatar isn't even nominated in this category." Loved it.

- Cinematagraphy makes a movie. Anyone who saws otherwise is an idiot. AVATAR YOU DO NOT DESERVE THIS. GTFO.

- Explanation for my loathing of Avatar: unoriginal, horribly written, overrated, not great acting james cameron is a douche, and just awful story. without the 3D it wouldn't have made it to theaters. Or it would've been a huge flop.


- I want to make a movie. I could make an amazing one.

- I VOTE FOR Sherlock Holmes FOR BEST SCORE. Just cos. OR Up  BECAUSE THAT SCORE WAS AMAZING. Even though this interpretive dance shit is weird as fuck. Cool, but weird. Hurt Locker better not win this one. AND FML IF Avatar DOES.

- Oh, George, stop playing games with the camera.

- OH YAY! Up won!

- Oh, Gerard. I love you. I love you. I fucking love you. And your Scottish accent. 

- Gee, I wonder who will win for effects? I'll let you have this one, Avatar, since it's the only one you deserve.

- Lulz at the snuggies.

- Hey, World, learn about inflation and then try to say Avatar was the highest grossing film of all time. You won't be able to. LOL. Take a look for yourselves.

- Colin Firth deserves this. A Single Man was his best performance yet. George, I love you, but you're just my second choice this time. Actually, Morgan Freeman is going to tie with you for that. Just because it's Morgan Fucking Freeman. And he is one of my favorite men on this Earth. As long as one of those 3 win, I'll be happy.

- Damn. Am disappointed. Jeff Bridges wasn't was good as the others :/, IMO. I mean, he was great, but I thought Firth definitely deserved it more.

- Meryl, Meryl, Meryl. Meryl is THE best actress. Fuck, she's amazing. I do love Sandra, too. And I wouldn't be at all disappointed if Gabby won. One of those three, please.

- Oh, Sandra, you deserved this one. You did. You were astounding in The Blind Side even if the movie wasn't exactly the best. But Meryl, you were an even better Julia Child than Julia Child. For realz.


- Fuck yes. No James Cameron. I am happy. First woman director to win...that's cool, I guess.

- THANK YOU FOR NOT GIVING BEST PICTURE TO Avatar. I don't think Hurt Locker was the best, but it was good enough to not make me that angry. 

- Take that, James Cameron and your Pocahontas rip-off. Granted, you have millions from it, but the Academy doesn't give a fuck. And neither do I. Bye-bye, now.

Oh yeah, and I saw Alice in Wonderland today. I don't recommend it. It was disappointing :( But Alan Rickman voiced the caterpillar. That was a nice surprise.
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And here are the results of our Top Model inspired photoshoot!!!!! PLEASE LOOK BECAUSE IT'S THE BEST POST EVAAAAA! WITH PICTURES!!!!

And please fill out the poll in each section because we are all narcissistic.


You wanna be on top ::head jerk:: )

You wanna be on top ::head jerk:: )

You wanna be on top ::head jerk:: )

BTW, this post took about 24823479283 times longer than it should have because chelsea gives horrible internet advice. And it took over an hour to get all the pictures from photobucket to LJ. APPRECIATE.

This post was made possible by, and definitely not Google Picasa.



Dec. 25th, 2008 01:39 pm
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I got an itouch from my parents and I love it. I is using it to make this post :D

I get to go steal anna tomorrow. Yaaaaaaay.
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The toy store is the most amusing thing in the world. I give you myself [profile] xocandykissox, Anna [personal profile] surrealiste, Kristen [profile] room___service, and Chelsea [profile] bwitchedbyharry in the local toy store.

Love us. :D
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Kristen [profile] room___service and I would like to present the results of about 2 hours of boredom.


We give you icons.


Yes, icons.

Amazingly brilliant icons.

Which include ship bashing and hufflepuss Hufflepuff bashing.


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