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LJ Idol prompt numero uno: When you pray, move your feet

Just my first entry for LJ idol. I hate posting anything I write publicly, so I'm trying really hard to get over that.

I can do anything

You got this.

The blood pumping in my ears has drowned out the music I should hear blasting from my headphones. My breathing has become ragged and my chest feels heavy as I inhale the crisp autumn air. The air is too cool for my lungs and it stings my insides. I cringe and stumble slightly, but regain my balance two steps later. Trying to push the pain out of my mind, I listen hard for my music. The song's beat is punctuated by the pleas of my body to stop, to take a break.

Don't listen.

My music is not helping with the pain so I switch coping strategies. I think to my body. I visualize myself running effortlessly through the countryside. I'm stronger there. My muscles are defined and my legs are long and lean. I'm running towards the impossibility of fitness perfection.

Just imagine.

If I keep running, I will love myself more. I relish in the prospect of looking in the mirror and feeling a sense of accomplishment. My heart will beat strongly and for longer. Oh, how I long for that sense of worthiness. The fantasies of achieving success with my body manifests itself into my life. All of my dreams of acting and directing will come true once I love myself more. I know it will happen.

Then just keep going.

My feet are moving robotically, disconnected from the pain now. I see the path ahead of me and my finishing point is only 200 yards away. The sweat on my face is dripping into my eyes by now, but I don't care. I smile. Once again I have broken the wall with my mind, my faith. My conviction has conquered my body once again.

You did it.

I slow to a walk, placing my hands on top of my head to prevent cramps. My breathing is heavy and raspy, but it doesn't matter. I continue to walk forward knowing, or at least believing, that as long as I keep moving, I will achieve everything I want. I just have to believe that I can keep going. I have to know that I can keep moving.
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